Inverted Vee

This is my main antenna: an “Inverted Vee”, similiar to a proposal of IK1ZOY, with a total length of about 23,3m. In the middle, just under the top of the roof, a balun is installed, and from there a coax cable goes to the window of my shack (not visible in this foto).

To make the antenna better recognizable in the foto, all parts of the antenna, which are visible on the foto, are colored with yellow. Those parts of the antenna, which run behind the hedge and from there are tightened to the ground, have been colored with green. Also on this part of the antenna two coils are installed, which lenghten the antenna for 80m.


Together with my antenna tuner, I can be QRV on the following bands: 80m, 40m, 20m and 10m. On the 40m band the antenna is highly resonant, even without an antenna tuner the SWR is excellent. Yet, for using the antenna on the other three bands the tuner ist very helpful!

Many thanks to Mike, DF2IAX, who made it possible for me, with this antenna, to re-join this fantastic hobby!

(This picture is © IK1ZOY)

Magnetic loop

In 2017, when FT8 became popular, I installed a second antenna. Due to restricted space I have chosen a magnetic loop, exactly an AMA41 from Wimo (design Christian Käferlein). This antenna is made for 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30 and 40m with up to 100W.


At the moment, the anntena is mounted on the boom of our former satellite antenna, which is no longer needed. However, the place can only be temporary, because the magnetic loop can only be tuned on 20m without tuner. For all other bands I have to use the tuner.


Presumably, I will have to mount the antenna on the roof, or at least on a short pole beyond the roof.