I hope we just met on the air. If so, then thank you for the QSO!

Please QSL via bureau or via eQSL.cc. I do not QSL via LOTW, direct or in any other way.


My motto: The final courtesy of a QSO is a QSL card. So at least I regularly upload my log to eQSL.cc. Most of the time, however, if I have an internet connection, my log is uploadet to eQSL.cc, Hamlog.eu and even to QRZ.com - in real-time!


If you are not a member of eQSL.cc, I will send you a paper card via bureau instead - automatically. I will not check, whether you are able to receive paper cards at all.


If we had a QSO and you have not received an eQSL card nor a paper card via bureau in a reasonable time, then contact me.

Important: I do collect paper QSL cards!







This is my paper QSL card, which I send via the bureau. The foto, which covers most of the card, is taken in Skagen, Denmark, at the point, where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea touch each other. The left small foto shows the town hall and the old castle of Talheim, my hometown. The right small foto shows our house, where we live.







This is my eQSL.cc card. As you can see, it is somehow similiar to my paper QSL card, which I send via the bureau. As there is no back side, there is additional information on the QSL card regarding my radio equipment, antennas and so on.









This is my eQSL.cc (AG) certificate. AG means "Authenticity Guaranteed".









I am member # 1578 of the FT8 Digital Mode Club.








I am member #23293 of the European Phase Shift Keying Club.