DL5UG History

Since May 9th, 1992 I am owner of an amateur radio licence of the former class B (today comparable to licence class A). When successfully passing the amateur radio examination, the call sign DL5UG was assigned to me. Before that I was owner of the call signs DB7UM (former licence class C) and DH5IAX (former licence class A).


After a long absence due to job-related and familiar reasons, in April 2011, motivated by an old school friend of mine, I unpacked my old amateur radio equipment und made first experiments with an antenna, sponsored by the same school friend.

In a short time my shack consisted of the following equipment:


YAESU FT-107M, Yaesu’s first fully transistorized transceiver with 100 watts for HF, a real oldie, which I bought used many years ago on the HAM-Radio in Friedrichshafen. Since our relocation in 1993, the transceiver spent his time in a box in the cellar and was put into operation in May 2011. And: he was successfully functioning at first go, without any problems. In the meantime I added an 500Hz-CW-filter.


MFJ-929B, automatic antenna tuner with digital LCD display of (beneath others) SWR, forward power and reflected power. This antenna tuner is needed for the adoption of the transceiver to my antenna on 80m, 20m and 10m.


HamGadgets MK-1 Master Keyer, a contest keyer with USB interface for connection to a PC and a second USB interface for connection of a keyboard.


Bencher-compatible squeeze paddle, heavy design, chrome-plated.


YAESU FT-897D, portable 100W transceiver for HF, 2m and 70cm. This reveiver is used for all portable or mobile (home) operations. Additionally the transceiver is equipped with an LDG AT-897 Plus (automatic antenna tuner).


Comtex CSV-3000 high performance regulated power supply for 30A max. load, especially for the stationary supply of the FT-897D. 


Meanwhile, the Bencher-compatible paddle and the CSV-3000 power supply are no longer in use.